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The Strategy of Recognizing Our Enemies, or Why We Enjoy Being the Most Despised and Reviled Conservation Organization in the World. An Essay by Captain Paul Watson

7.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   3 Comments

The second category of enemies are those who on the surface would appear to be allies – our esteemed fellow conservationists. Unfortunately, Sea Shepherd is the “Lady of the Night” of the conservation movement. Many of our allies do agree with our objectives in the daytime but they don’t want to be associated with our methods at night. Fortunately we believe that the strength of the conservation movement lies in diversity of approaches, and we welcome the approaches of the groups that do not tolerate our methods. The plain fact of the matter is that Sea Shepherd does not exist to appease the concerns of other organizations. We exist to intervene to protect endangered species and habitats. We treat this category of criticism with both amusement and tolerance.