Samouni Family Responds to Goldstone Backtrack on Israeli War Crimes

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During Operation Cast Lead Israel committed massive war crimes for all the world to see.  Among these crimes the use of White Phosphorus in densely populated areas, use of Depleted Uranium, bombing civilian targets of all sorts without military necessity, destroying civilian infrastructure with no military justification and the infamous massacre of the Samouni family… among many other crimes.

In the aftermath of Cast Lead, Justice Richard Goldstone, a Zionist Jew, was commissioned by the United Nations to write a report on the alleged war crimes.  Although the report did not go nearly far enough in exposing the brutality of all the crimes committed, crimes committed by the fourth largest military in the world against a essentially defenceless and captive population, it did allege that Israel (and Hamas) was almost undoubtedly guilty of war crimes and possibly, crimes against humanity.

But on April 1st, 2011 Justice Goldstone had an apparent change of heart and effectively said that he was wrong.  With regard to the Samouni family he said, Israel simply made a mistake.  It seems that the world in which we live in, a world of impunity for the favoured Israeli state, is set to continue.  Unless of course we the people decide enough is enough. – Ken O’Keefe


  • April 5, 2011, 12:09 am  

    Israeli PM had asked for an apology in his November visit to the US. I actually wrote a humorous post on it. But now I know it was not comedy. Watch for pressure build in U.S. Congress demanding a formal apology from HCR and possibly Goldstone also.

  • April 5, 2011, 6:42 am  

    Perhaps it is of significance that RG chose to publish on 1st April.

  • Gail Coleman
    April 10, 2011, 12:45 pm  

    And what has Israel done to remedy that oh so unfortunate error? What about the civilians killed in Gaza in 2009 and the ones being killed now–more errors? Besides that, the three others who contributed to that report have retracted nothing. And one needs only to connect the dots between Goldstone’s retraction and the new offensive in Gaza.

  • hotterthanapileofcurry
    April 11, 2011, 11:53 am  

    Despite all these documented acts of depravity and barbarism, our politicians give their tacit support to Israel.

    They refuse to allow open debate about Israel’s breaches of International Law, they allow British exports used directly in furthering the Occupation, and are promoting changes to prevent citizens initiating legal action against Israeli war criminals; whilst in Europe there are moves to give even more preferential treatment to Israeli exports.

    There is a real fear that the zionist state is on the verge of launching an all out campaign of terror bombing on Gaza to heighten the strategic and tactical differences among the various Palestinian factions in an effort to forestall any possibility of unity as well as to signal its willingness to rain down more violence on Palestinians.

    The mainstream media has cooperated in the effort to portray Israel’s assault on Gaza as a matter of self-defence, despite its obviously offensive nature.

    The Akh

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