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Ken O'Keefe interviewed on Press TV from Gaza

This just says it all, the illusion of “democracy” and freedom of the press should from this day forward be shattered in the UK.  The UK is only a free nation if you are a good little slave and take your prescribed dose of Eastenders, X Factor and BBC war propaganda.  What a joke of a country, run by traitors just like the US, beholden to a foreign power whose sociopathic ways are the greatest threat this world has ever known.  Read the press release below, it speaks for itself.

Press TV

20th January 2012

OFCOM HAS REVOKED Press TV Limited’s Television Licensable Content Service licence. It means that the British public can no longer watch Press TV on BSkyB’s Sky platform. Press TV International has released the following statement:

The British government’s media regulatory body, Ofcom, has banned Press TV’s broadcast in the UK and removed the channel from the Sky platform without responding to a letter sent from Press TV’s CEO to Ofcom’s chief executive earlier this month.

This after Ofcom fined Press TV Limited in London a hundred thousand pounds for the channel’s airing of a 10-second news clip. At the same time, Ofcom made moves to revoke the license of Press TV Limited in the UK for what it called Press TV Limited’s lack of control over the channel’s broadcast. We asked Ofcom, if Press TV Limited did not have control over the broadcast, why was it getting fined; if it did have control, why would the license be revoked?

Ofcom’s contradictions are nothing new for Press TV. The British government’s tool to control the media has on several occasions changed its decisions regarding Press TV in its two-year campaign against the alternative news channel.

In response to Press TV’s complaints about Ofcom’s subservience to the British government and the monarchy, which have been a focus of Press TV’s critical coverage in recent years, Ofcom claims it is not a government organization. But there is every indication that it is. It gets both its authority and funding from the British government. Ofcom was created by an Act of Parliament and gets most of its funding from governmental grant-in-aid. Britain’s Office for National Statistics has also said Ofcom must be classified as a central government unit.

As a news channel broadcast in the UK, Press TV has shed more light on the British government’s domestic and foreign policies. It has aired critical views regarding Britain’s involvement in wars of  aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has also shown the close ties between the British Royal family and UK-founded monarchies in the Persian Gulf region, including the autocratic regimes in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which have been oppressing their people for decades. Press TV has also provided critical coverage of the extravagant costs of Britain’s Royal Wedding at a time of great financial difficulty for ordinary Britons. The channel covered the 2011 unrest in Britain and the heavy-handed police crackdown, drawing the resentment of London’s ruling establishment.

Wikileaks cables have revealed that London and Washington are exploring ways to construct a case to silence Press TV. And, Ofcom, the media arm of the Royal family, exhausted all efforts to put an end to Press TV’s broadcasting in the UK. But it fails to grasp the reality of mass communication in the modern era and the impossibility of containing the flow of information. Press TV will do everything possible to make sure that its voice will definitely reach its audience in the UK.

For more information, please contact Press TV International on

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Thank you.


  • FloMoZo
    January 20, 2012, 11:51 pm  

    WOW. that’s about all I can say.

    • Abu Mariam.
      January 21, 2012, 11:21 am

      Good man Ken. Irish people are known for their standing up for just causes. People are waking up Ken, there is light at the end of this zionist tunnel.

  • victor amajouri
    January 21, 2012, 3:18 am  

    All mass media is zionists media anyway the fix is in… as well what will most muslims etc ppl do now??? they will think the u.kkk gov does not want them to watch presstv. when that said channel is a fake zionist media channel too. as well just go ask them blonde kids in iraq on all of this. or the 4 million ppl their just missing. death camps rape camps a real living holocaust. but no channel or groups will truly say. one man will support the planetary patriot now! this book changed my life and woke me up to who really is the bad guy and what zionism really is. the social cancer since nazism. seig heil 🙁 or rather heil israel

    p.s good luck ken as british values equals no values for this time in history. with you and ppl like edward marcus etc are like the ppl trying to abolish slavery in the 1800s. yeah how long did it take them. and to get a apology. at least a when you are a cranky old man in a wheel chair you can say you did something and you did not play along. so look at yourself in the mirror every morning and know you are a good person. not many ppl can say that these days…

  • Michael
    January 21, 2012, 9:53 am  

    Wow that’s outrageous! Or it would be if it were true. Sadly, the dreary old facts are far less exciting.

    Ofcom didn’t revoke Press TV’s broadcasting license in order to silence criticism of the British Establishment. It really doesn’t care about that sort of thing. It is a regulatory agency.

    Ofcom revoked their license for refusing to comply with UK editorial oversight law.

    Their broadcasting license was held in the UK but day to day editorial decisions were made in Tehran.This is illegal. The license holder has to be the person making the day to day decisions. Ofcom wrote to them months ago offering them a choice of easy fixes for the problem (move the editorial decision making process to the UK or transfer the license to Iran) that would have let Press TV continue to broadcast in the UK with no bother. Press TV have just blatantly ignored the law and are acting all surprised when the relevant regulatory agency finally has had enough and enforced it.

    This was totally avoidable by Press TV and has NOTHING to do with censorship or the content of Press TV.

    Ofcom gives short shrift to any broadcaster that tries to skate around the regulations, let alone flagrantly breaks the law and ignores all attempts to resolve the situation. Claiming this is a freedom of speech issue is laughable.

    (Oh and the 10 second news clip they were fined for? I notice they fail to mention it was an interview made by Press TV with a kidnapped Newsweek journalist who was forced to make untrue satements about himself and his work under duress. This behaviour is reprehensible and has no place in any civilized society – let alone in the news media. If you want to complain about propaganda in the news media this would be a really good place to start.)

  • January 21, 2012, 6:50 pm  

    One of the reasons for the UK censorship:

    Unemployment in Britain has risen to its highest level in 17 years as the British government keeps to the path of burdening the public with austerity.

    Press TV has interviewed Chris Bambery, political analyst in London about the worrying unemployment statistics and the various other indicators that impact unemployment and the economic future of Britain’s youth. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

    Press TV: The highest level of unemployment in almost two decades. What does that mean for the outlook of the UK job sector?

    Bambery: Well, it’s going to get worse because we are seeing serious cuts in public spending with the public spending losing jobs; we are seeing a serious problem in the private sector with retail businesses shutting down and manufacturing going into decline so for the private and public sector in Britain the outlook is very grim.

    Of course, Britain is part of a wider Euro Zone crisis and we’re seeing crisis in Europe, which is Britain’s biggest trading partner and that will have an effect on the globe; it’s not just a question of Britain, we’re seeing unemployment rising steadily across Europe. And if Europe itself goes into recession – Europe is the biggest economic trading area in the globe and that could have a knock-on effect for every country in the globe. So, the outlook is going to get worse.

    Here in Britain, there is news that youth unemployment is now approaching 23 percent. 16-24 year olds who fail to enter the job market and who fail to get a job at the beginning of their career often find it very difficult to get back on that ladder. And we know from previous recessions in the 1980s and 1990s that many of those young people who do not get jobs find it very difficult to have a future.

    This at a time as well when this conservative Liberal Democratic government in Britain is pricing working class and middle class youngsters out of further education by increasing university fees to 9,000 pounds a term. So, that’s another option in their lives that has been shut down.

    Press TV: Overall, what are your thoughts of Britain suffering a double-dip recession in 2012?

    Bambery: I think Britain is in effect in a double-dip recession and increasingly what people, economic analysts, are saying. There is every indication show that Britain at best is flat-lining, as you said, but there are actually more and more indication that Britain is entering a recession.

    You see household names from the high streets of Britain shutting down, which is what is happening. I can’t remember that happening even in the worst recession of the 1980s. So, I think unemployment is going to get worse because many companies kept old staff in the hope their training and experience would be useful in the future when the economy picks up, but with the economy not picking up many of those are going to let staff go so what we’re going to see is a worsening situation of unemployment.

    It has to be said there is a background of falling living standards in the UK; of wages falling. And I think we have to question what is the supported remedy both here in Britain and in many other countries in Europe, which is austerity – because austerity in Britain, in Greece, in Ireland, in Spain is simply making this recession much worse by ensuring there is no cure.

    And that is a fundamental problem in Europe and in Britain – it’s not the public deficits in the budget deficit, it’s the lack of economic growth because if there was economic growth we could pay the deficits off.

    There is no prospect of sustained economic growth really I think for the coming decade so we’re talking about a zombie decade where the economy staggers on at best flat-lining, but also probably going into a series of recessions before things are going to get better.


  • January 21, 2012, 7:30 pm  

    Iran could have paid the 100,000 pound fine for Press TV’s broadcast of a coerced “interview” with an imprisoned journalist, but they chose not to do so. They seem to value freedom of the press less than their British supporters claim to.

    • January 27, 2012, 10:54 pm

      So the Iranian government should have handed over £100,000 to it’s mortal enemy who is backing a disastrous war against Iran. Think about it.

    February 13, 2012, 1:42 pm  


    still supporting the mouthpiece of an Islamic fundamentalist theocracy that has dreadful record on free speech in its own country as well as torture and support of terrorism – even interviewing a torture victim while in custody?

    Here are a few reasons why it has been banned

    Bit about recent high standards

    Still I am sure you can find somewhere else to spout your 911 conspiracies – what a joke when you said on Press TV that some ambiguous statement by a few youths on Israeli TV was proof that they did 911

    When I have posted on here before I was deleted so stop accusations of others deleting you when you don’t play by your own rules or leave this here


    • February 22, 2012, 4:44 pm

      Thank you Robert, we truly need a bit of mind numbing ignorance in here every now and then, I take it we can call on you anytime?

  • February 22, 2012, 5:33 pm  

    Press-TV was right about the unemployment rate of young people in the UK….
    The unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds is more than three times the rate for older workers.

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