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Truth – The truth is that European Nazi’s committed a horrendous crime against Jews, Gypsies and others and somehow it was the Palestinians who paid the price. The truth is that the formation of Israel is far worse then the ethnic cleaning of Bosnia and that Israel literally wiped hundreds of Palestinian villages “off the map”. The truth is that Israel was founded with British and United Nations complicity in Israeli terrorism. The truth is that the formation of Israel, if played out before the eyes of the world, would be uniformly denounced as unlawful and war crimes charges would have to be filed in order to affect justice. Everything I have said above is 100% true yet the propaganda machine makes these truths little known in most of America and much of Europe. As a result what the Palestinians have endured for decades is wretched, beyond description when you factor in the continuing lies that make the victim the villain. If a similar crime were committed against Americans or Europeans, for decades as it has with Palestine, I have no doubt that our societies would be out for blood, and we would not hesitate to kill our fellow citizens if we thought them guilty of collaborating with the enemy. The propaganda machine continually tells us this conflict is “complex” and religiously motivated and has always been this way; these are all lies and the solution to the problem can only be understood by understanding the root of the problem.

Justice — As was the case with South Africa, you have no real complexity at all. The racist Apartheid regime was equally supported for decades by western nations while black South Africans were being treated as sub-humans. Black South Africans and Palestinians have experienced virtually the same problem, inequality, loss of land and no meaningful self-determination. Eventually the people of the world woke up and with peoples movements and boycotts and increasing awareness western governments were forced to follow the will of the people. Only when people come together in meaningful ways are significant gains accomplished, this is what has to happen with Palestine and the tide definitely appears to be turning. With the help of the latest (2008-9) Israeli invasion of Gaza, which is resulting in formal war crimes charges, people finally seem to have reached their limit of complicity and non-action. It seems sadly true that it requires this kind of blood bath to really galvanise people and thus, with this process underway the opportunities to challenge the Zionist agenda are ever greater. Justice will require convictions of war criminals but more than this the people will have to maintain consistent and relentless pressure, only with this will justice be possible.

Peace – The idea that peace can come from a so-called “two-state solution” is to me a complete farce. I imagine this agenda will be pushed very hard with the Obama the saviour illusion in full swing, and if somehow the Palestinian people allow themselves to accept the scraps of Palestine that will be on offer then truly the chance of peace will be gone for a generation or more minimum. The solution, just as it was in South Africa, is in the Palestinians adopting a document similar to the African National Congresses “Freedom Charter”, this document outlined a platform that demanded one state, with equality for all. And that platform had overwhelming international support. The idea that this is not possible lies mostly in the rightful claim that “the Israeli’s will never accept one state”; at this moment this is almost assuredly true, but that was also the case with racist South African regime as well, they never developed a conscience and simply did the right thing; they were forced to accept the will of the people both inside and out which was overwhelming; the truth is that their position became untenable. We have a very similar situation today with the Zionist’s who are all to fairly compared with the rabid racist Apartheid leaders and loyal’s of yesteryear. I agree they will never voluntarily relinquish stolen land which they see as God given land, but just like the Apartheid regime, the power of humanity and justice can overcome the seemingly insurmountable. The one constant in life is change.

The key to peace for Palestinians and Israeli’s alike lies in adopting a cause that not just the people of Palestine and Israel will support, but which the whole world will support, and that cause must surely be the cause of human rights and equality, just as it was with South Africa.


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