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Off to the “Land of the Free”

Well after being denied the ability to board my flight to Portland nearly two weeks ago I am now set to depart for the States in less than 24 hours.  I depart looking forward to meeting some great people in the Pacific Northwest and Kansas.  I was originally to give a presentation at the International Eco-Tourism Conference, the largest of its kind in America, but Uncle Sam was busy protecting the homeland so that went by the wayside.

We shall see just how much stock US Homeland Security puts in the Israeli charges that I am an “operative of the Hamas Terror organization” who was going to Gaza to “form and train a commando unit for the Palestinian terror organization.”  If I were Arab you could bank on me going to some torture chamber long ago, but now I will test once again just how much we white folk can get away with. Meanwhile of course our darker skinned brothers and sisters, especially Arabs and Muslims, continue to be treated as sub-humans.

If I do end up “detained” or if God forbid the powers that be attempt to charge me with any acts or planned acts of “terrorism”, I say for the record that it is absolute bullshit.  And since my DNA in the form of my toothbrushes, blood stained clothes and so on have been in the custody of the Israeli’s I would reject any DNA evidence as well.  If I am charged with “terrorism” it is a classic set-up; let me say pre-emptively, if this happens I am being framed.  The last fifteen years of my life have been dedicated to truth, justice and peace and if I am imprisoned it is because of my commitment to the liberation of the Hawaiian, Iraqi, Afghani, Palestinian and in fact all oppressed, occupied and violated peoples.

If I am to be free in the land of the free then I will be meeting people and discussing the ways in which we can affect a better world.  For those who are still oblivious to the way the working class people of America are being used as worthless pawns, how American sons and daughters are being sacrificed in far off lands to make the rich richer, I say to you that they, the powers that be are mocking you.  They are laughing at you and the irony that you would see someone like me as your enemy is enough to make them laugh all the more.  For now, in your manipulated state, you are the tyrants’ best friend and you are anything but patriotic.  But it is not too late, America could be a great country, and I would very much like to see that happen.

In that interest I will be speaking all over the Northwest, whether you are friend or foe I look forward to seeing you and what changes may have occurred in mainland America since I left in 2001.



  • Gerard Maroney
    September 18, 2010, 9:36 pm  

    I’m glad you put the link up to read this one – at least you have a statement in pre-emptive readiness, should the shit start flying. You know Katie and I will send it everywhere in the (god-forbidding, as you put it) event that you are detained. We’ll print this article and hand it out as a flyer if need be.

    We’re here when you or your family need support. Cheers dude.

    • September 18, 2010, 9:40 pm


  • A maqsood
    September 18, 2010, 10:00 pm  

    Be safe and God bless you Ken for all the good work that you are doing.

  • September 18, 2010, 10:36 pm  

    Ahh well if it isnt the infamous Ken “The self-hating American Terrorist” Okeefe – the man who cannot handle a line of questions in public…

    I wrote an article about you a while back after seeing how little control you have over your emotions when you were being questioned by someone on TV who was not buying your story as well as the rest of the tree hugging idiots out there do… for an ex-Marine you seem to crumble pretty easily under pressure but then again it doesnt take someone with very high intelligence to be a marine in the first place, just gotta follow orders right?

    I know may people like yourself, and while I admire their and your need to want to help people, I also despise the complete deliberate blindness and ignorance which you display in your cause – full of hypocrisy, propaganda and BS…

    You and I both know the real problems and the real solutions to these problems and it does not entail Israel destroying Palestinians, dont get too excited there buddy, we are not gung-ho Americans like yourself, although you seem to enjoy the comparison… The real solution is the removal of Hamas and any other radical party that wishes to seek our destruction – you can bullshit the world all you like, deep down you know thats the truth, you just have some issues with us, this is your reason…

    While I dont support the killing of Palestinian civilians at all, I definitely do not support the killing of our people and you just so happen to fall into this category of finding joy in the killing of our people… I hope your dreams haunt you one day when you are grey and old and you realize what your entire meaning was all about… By all means help the Palestinians, but dont help them to kill or justify their killings of our people, then you may as well be one of them and this is why you are regarded as a “Terrorist” to so many people…

    Hypocrisy is something only a clear minded, truly balanced person can understand entirely and while I may be hypocritical myself, I still am nothing like you, I have never supported the killing of innocent people but to you no Israelis are innocent – if I am wrong then how about publicly condemning the killing of our innocent civilians when they take place, I dare you!

    Well, enough time spent on this, probably not worth my time but hey I thought you would like to know that you have another “friend” in the world and I say friend because we all need a friend when we have lost our way even if that friend is our enemy!

    Good luck with your cause, you are going to need it…

    • September 20, 2010, 4:51 pm

      So much ignorance in this that I will only respond by saying that when it comes to violence I find all unneccessary violence to be tragic. I find the killing of all innocent people, especially woman and children, to be tragic, on all sides. But I recognise the denial of human rights, theft of land, occupation, false imprisonment and war as the root of the problem with regard to problems of resistence that manifest in very violent ways. The result is not the root, it is the result. The root is where the focus of attention must be in order to solve the problem.

      • September 20, 2010, 7:04 pm

        Thank you, I respect that you said the words “on all sides” but perhaps you should say that publicly more often…

        I apologize for my first message, I was in a bad mood as it was and I saw your post come up in my feed so I guess I let out my not so nice side, however it is hard for me to believe that people who are like you truly care for our side, although I may be entirely wrong about you and others, I will never know, only if I see yourself saying things that defend both sides innocent people and not just a one sided argument…

        Trust me, most Israelis do actually give a crap about the Palestinians but it is hard to give a crap about all people there when they are firing rockets every day – you have to understand our situation too – I have issues with our government also but my issues are that they are too weak and give into the worlds ridiculous uneducated demands too easily at the expense of our own truly innocent people but at the same time I think they should lay off more on the often harsh treatment of the Palestinians but this is not ALL of the IDF or ALL of the Israeli people – it is some loose cannons who get dealt with anyway…

        We wish to see a peace as much as they do, however they do not want peace, they want Israel and by thinking this way, there will never be a peace between us because we will never give up our land that we have taken back after it has been taken from us too many times in history, before there was even such a thing as a Palestinian…

        Once they agree to disagree then we will all move on and live just fine, but unfortunately that is not the reality…

        Both sides are doing things that are in the wrong but I can only care enough about my people first before trying to care enough about others – I am not a Zionist as you put it, or at least not in the way you think, I have never voted for any government here because I do not believe in governments, they are ALL corrupt in EVERY country but I do believe in the Jewish and Israeli people including the non-Jews who live in Israel and there are many who support Israel including Muslims which I know personally…

        You mention the root, but what is the root to you, it can only be your root or your assumption of what the root is, not the actual root and this part is being ignored like it never happened… The root is that this is and has always been our land from before the Roman times and we were willing to share to it many times over but they wanted it all and try to claim roots here when we all know their roots are from other Arab countries, they came here as refugees but we have always had a presence here since the first time we ruled our land – this is the root, its our roots and they want claim to our roots- they dont want to share our roots even when we have offered it…

        The root of the problem in most anti-Zionist perspective is based on lies and fabrication of truth which suddenly appeared out of nowhere once they realized the power of the media but we have never changed out story since it began and we will never change our story because it is our only story…

        As an Israeli, I know that people here are not war mongers who hate Palestinians or Arabs, sure they hate terrorists but everyone hates a terrorist – I have never heard a single Israeli in my whole life ever utter the words “I like or wish to see Palestinians die” and mean it! This is the truth about us but the media loves to play on this and do what they want, when most of the media havent bothered to get to know us properly, they only care about the “story” and the money…

        we dont conspire to want to kill Arabs or Palestinians, you can ask any of the Arab friends that I have here, they will tell you the same thing and they even support Israel because they know the truth about us too…

        So once again I would like to apologize for how we got off in the beginning of this conversation, I will man up to my wrongs, I hope the best for you man… I appreciate and respect a person who is willing to stand up for other people, it is an admirable thing to do but I also believe one should use their power, not abuse it and by using it entails truly knowing both sides of the story because we too have our story and it is not one of DEATH and DESTRUCTION, even though it appears this way from the outside 🙂

        I sincerely wish you all the best…


        Israel Muse

    • September 29, 2010, 1:45 am

      Mr Israel Muse. It appears that you really want to live in peace. That’s great. Let’s see what we as people need to do to attain this goal- as governments have been pretty ineffective so far. There are a few questions that we need to find answers to in order to achieve our common goal. 1) Why do some Palestinians even resort to armed acts of violence? What’s the root cause? It can’t be in their DNA, since thousands and thousands of Jews have lived in Muslim countries for centuries and these so-called terrorists didn’t exist before. 2) Why and how does the Israeli government and IDF justify resorting to such drastic and inhumane measures, like 2006 bombing of Lebanon, 2010 bombing of Gaza, killing activists aboard the Turkish ship, when they know many of those being targeted are actually innocent? 3) Why does the ruling party or religious groups in Israel continue to take over West Bank by expanding the settlements 4) Do you see any relation between the formation of Al-Qaedeh/ Taliban and any of these acts committed by Israeli Government and IDF? 5) If the armed Palestinian were to totally disarm themselves, what do you think Israel should commit to do in return? 6) What percentage of the Israeli’s believe that they are God’s chosen one and perhaps in the eyes of the creator they need to survive at the cost of elimination of other human beings? 7) Why aren’t any Israeli’s attempting to build schools and universities in the occupied territories? (If a small percentage of the money and resources that are spent on weapons and armies could have been spent on schools and hospitals, I promise middle-east would be a much better place). So let’s get a dialogue going, perhaps we the people can come up with some solutions that we all agree. Hopefully then, our governments will listen and follow, if of course they see a majority of us believing in it. If you have a few questions to add, please feel free.

  • Jim Hocking
    September 19, 2010, 12:24 am  

    Ask what happens U.S. citizens returning from Israel, after serving in the IDF killing and injuring American citizens. Why are they not treated as Terrorists ?

  • September 19, 2010, 12:38 am  


    I, like yourself, was a member of the US military, Army Airborne 1986 to 1989, and I agree with you as to the attrocities that are occurring due to the US Military influence in the Middle East and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. I know to the extent the government will go to win or be on top, I was in Honduras during the whole Iran-Contra affair. I got to witness our military supporting right wing murderous governments in Central America and how we were the ones actually launches attacks on the Sandinistas.

    I would like at some time to work with you and help out. So keep in touch. Thanks.

    • September 19, 2010, 4:48 am

      I hope to meet you brother and hear more of your story and work together someday as well.

      • Robert
        September 21, 2010, 1:57 am


        I will look forward to a meet up and I definitely would like to offer my skills and assitance to the Palestinian people. I would like to know who is the best to contact. I have alot of experience in government and would be willing to help the Palestinians in developing all of the government services that most nations already have. I know for the most part Israel restricts what goes into the PA territories but I have noticed the British Ministry of Defense and the German Government have surplus equipment sites with many of the public service veihicles the PA could definitely use and help bring a better quality of life to their citizens.

  • friends of palestine béal feirste
    September 19, 2010, 7:46 am  

    Ken all of us here in Ireland wish you a safe journey, your stories need to be heard and let us all hope and pray that you will succeed with this… those who fear you will attempt to destruct your path, rise above them…. we fully support you and your family and will be there for you should you need us….

  • estebanfolsom
    September 21, 2010, 3:44 am  

    well thanks – is mu

    i had been waiting to hear
    ‘your’ side of the story

    my only advice is you might
    want to let go of the ‘honey pot’

    if you ever want to extract
    your hand from the tree

    [translation : i see a large
    parking lot in your future
    if you guys don’t cut it out]

  • September 21, 2010, 6:22 am  

    thank you for your talk tonight in eugene, and for your courage and honesty and commitment. i’ve been stirred and still unsettled since about the first five minutes you began talking — in a good way, a very good way.

    against all the worry and fear for my grandchildren, listening to you for few hours has given me more encouragement that our world can change for the better and be a better place for my grandchildren.


    • September 21, 2010, 6:38 pm

      That makes me happy to hear Henry, thank you.

  • September 25, 2010, 12:48 am  

    Hi, Keith: My name is Jeralyn. I have known of you for many years now and have kept up with your comings and goings as best as I could. IMO, we have some interesting points of commonality, and I hope to have a chance to meet with you someday and have some good, engaging discourse regarding same. Meanwhile…

    I am breaking with my normal convention of general avoidance of transparent public online communication because I feel that what I need to say here merits doing so.

    That stated, I would ask any and all readers to please be courteous with respect to any further (online) personal contact — specifically, to please not take offense if I can’t or don’t follow up with a reply — and generally, to please treat me as you (or someone you loved) would wish to be treated.

    Here is my concept (and earnest hope) for a genuine and effective solution to end human conflict regarding disputed territories (seriously). Mind you, due to the necessary constraints regarding message length, this is a overly simplistic and extremely rough-draft version of the overall concept. Nevertheless, here goes:

    1. From the general world populace, select a group of mediators.

    2. Notify the parties involved in (the) territorial dispute that they are hereby being placed on notice that they have a designated amount of time with which to peacefully settle the dispute in question among themselves. If they do not come to a decent working settlement or solution that everyone can support and get behind, the following shall commence:

    3. ALL of the disputed territory in question shall be seized by the world community at large, to be completely de-populated and placed in trust for the benefit of the planet (not for humans, but for Earth’s other living inhabitants (similar to other NGO-based wildlife trusts), with the trust remaining in effect for an as-of-yet undetermined amount of time (for now, I stop short of saying “in perpetuity” due to the realities we face regarding world human overpopulation and sustainability, etc.; however, this part is negotiable).

    Basically, I’m thinking along the lines of “demilitarized” and mine-field ridden type areas, and also the agreement regarding the continent of Antarctica, along with concepts such as the TAZ (temporary autonomous zone) when I use the term “designated (temporary?) dispossession zones” to describe the areas under dispute to be placed in trust. Moreover, I’m also referring to ALL territories/spaces currently in dispute, especially to the extent that the cost to life on the planet and to the planet itself, and the untold suffering thereof, has rendered the price of the dispute to be beyond what the world community should be expected to continue tolerating or paying for.

    In short, if the parties in question cannot find a way to end the disputes and live in and share the territory peacefully, NO ONE should be allowed to live there at all until such time as circumstances have changed so that the status could be reevaluated.

    To my knowledge, this approach has never been seriously considered or tried before.

    Nevertheless, don’t try to tell me this is too radical or idealistic and cannot be done. Oh, yes it can. True, it may take another round of willing human shields to make the sacrifice and — one centimeter at a time — reclaim and occupy the disputed territory only long enough so that it can be vacated and placed into rightful custody…but yes, it’s doable.

    It’s in remembrance of, and for the sake of all who have needlessly lost their lives at the merciless hand of unceasing internal human territorial conflict that I hereby submit this possible solution. I hope that a proper and civil dialog ensues, but more importantly, I hope the eventual outcome is a fair, appropriate and humane resolution of conflict regarding disputed territories.

    IMO, we as a species, perhaps the only so-called “sentient” species — (alas, we still don’t know for certain), have an ethic obligation to try and to keep trying for a sane, sustainable lasting genuine peace until the madness finally comes to an end.

    Perhaps someday in the future, we will indeed colonize other planets. Until that time, I pray we finally begin to show ourselves worthy of residing on Gaia, our planetary home.

    Best wishes to you, Keith. I hope to meet you sometime soon. JW

    • September 27, 2010, 12:22 am

      Aloha Jeralyn,
      Anything is possible, but this plan will be beyond challenging to implement. Nonetheless I encourage everyone to do what they feel is right; I can do this because I have faith in humanity and believe most will do good.

  • September 25, 2010, 1:13 am  

    P.S. Regarding the above — I wrote “Keith” — I meant “Ken”. Excuse me, but my humaneity is showing (+ permission to razz me later). JW

  • Richard
    October 9, 2010, 7:06 am  

    Ken, I just heard you speak in Portland, Or. I’ve set up a news feed for you. If anything should ever happen, I know a few MSM and alt-media journalists who would bull-dog it.

    You are one of my new heroes. Not because you are an extraordinary person, but because you are an ordinary person who has found the courage to do extraordinary things. You inspire me, you challenge me, and you brought some things into sharp focus that I had been sensing, but had not found the words to express. Profoundly thank you, aloha, and namaste.

  • Jack
    October 9, 2010, 1:31 pm  

    What I find fascinating is how those who disagree with you ignore the substance of what you are saying and move straight to unbalanced accusation and general slander. These character assassinations seem to me to support your case rather than deny it.

    What is also very odd is the violence of language and intent sometimes used against you. You talk of peace and coming together, you talk about people and community, you talk about stability and safety for everyone and yet people continue to insist that you are an aggressive terrorist supporting thug. I simply have to challenge anyone to show a line of rational argument behind such allegations.

    Let’s look at our friend “Israel Muse” in this thread. If we follow the conversation between both of you all I can see is your attempt to build a bridge, even with someone who names himself as your enemy. How on earth is that the action of a supporter of terrorism? Let us also consider that “Israel Muse” also appears to respond to your peaceful response and the fact that you treat him/her with respect. How valuable is the fact that you can open a dialogue with “your enemy” and start to show him that you are not an enemy at all.

    As I read “Israel Muse” I thought “Oh here we go again, these people are so blindly stubborn.” but as the thread develops I, as an outsider observer start to feel that same respect towards “Israel Muse” which you show.

    What you are showing Ken, and by God does it need to be shown, is that the people of this world all have the same needs, peace, security and respect. Every family needs to look after its children, every family wants to put bread on its table and every family wants the chance to prosper. Governments and institutions of power do not seem to represent these aspirations or even know how to manage them. What everyone wants, what the people of the world want is representation not government and when you say “we the people can change this endless pattern of violence and murder” then you represent the ordinary people of this world.

    I am so pleased that you have been so well received in the U.S.A. and it is heartening to see Americans, who have the heritage of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (probably the finest of human legal aspirations to freedom and security), step forward and speak up. This more than anything renews the outside world’s faith in the American people.

  • AdnanHasan
    October 11, 2010, 10:32 pm  

    Jack, i wholeheartedly agree with you. Infact previously i do question myself on this problem. The answer to that is the bloodlines of Pharoah [ SATAN ] & the bloodlines of Messiah [ DIVINE ] must & will exist till Doomsday. Hold dear to our Divine path till death do us apart.

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