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Will Ken speak at our event?

This is how you can get involved, how you can help. Ken does speak around the world and has in the past done this for free or even at his own expense, this was always done as a means of giving what he could. But with a family and responsibilities and a need to pay bills like everyone else he only speaks now when expenses are covered and a stipend of a reasonable amount can be covered. Use the speaker request form at the bottom of the FAQ section if you would like to invite Ken to speak at your event.


What does the tear drop tattoo signify?

The tear drop is a reflection of the great sorrow Ken feels regarding the horrendous and unnecessary suffering in our world, the key word here is unnecessary.  When we fulfil our potential as men and women of conscience we will not allow such suffering and that is at the heart of why Ken does what he does.

Is Ken involved in any projects that I can contribute to or participate in?

In early 2016 Ken will be involved in launching what is truly a culmination of his life’s work, please visit this website for updates and also visit Ken’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Channel pages.

Where does the money go when I contribute to Ken’s donation page?

Ken has consistently invested in work that is geared towards the creation of a better world, lately this has been in the form of documentary filmmaking, but in the past it was activism usually in the form of direct action.  Either way his biggest goal is a better world and invariably any donations he receives are used for this, even if it is sometimes used simply to pay bills.

Can I send a message to Ken directly?

The contact form sends messages to the website administrator and to Ken directly, whether it is a threat against him or messages of support he is happy to receive them as both only confirm he is doing worthwhile work.

Is there a way to know where and when Ken will be speaking next?

For now the best way to follow Ken’s movements is on Twitter as he is pretty consistent in posting notices of such appearances.

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