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My next article – soon to be released

‘The Age of Responsibility’
At what point do we as people take responsibility for the actions of the governments we outnumber tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands to one? At what point do we take responsibility for the governments we pay our blood money to in the form of taxes? At what point do we as people stop making excuses and accept the fact that we are complicit if not active participants in the crimes of our governments?

DU Baby Iraq
DU Baby Iraq

I say now is the age of responsibility. Whereas we might have pitifully claimed ignorance in the past, which is no defence for a crime, we cannot claim ignorance any longer. We are responsible.


  • May 5, 2012, 11:49 pm  

    We are living in an age of TOTAL IRRESPONSIBILITY and TREACHERY! Palestine paid a very high price for not getting properly educated in world affairs and for trusting the Ottomans.

    Arab traitors joined the British and fought the Ottomans only to be kicked back in their behind by the British!

    Iraqis joined the same British, French, Israelis and Americans and treacherously attacked Iran causing some two million deaths. The Yankees paid him back by HANGING him (if that was him!), mass murdering his people and destroying his country!

    Libya joined the forces of Satan and he suffered the same fate.

    Afghanistan allied with the Yankees against the Russians, and the Yankees destroyed them

    Pakistan joined the American Killers and murdered innocent Afghanis and now THEY ARE PAYING FOR THEIR TREACHERY AND STUPIDITY!

    Egypt sided with Israel and its fate is sealed because it will be next on the list!

    The mendacity is all over the place.

    I say we are living in an age of utter irresponsibility and treachery, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, indifference and selfishness. THERE IS NO WAY THIS WORLD WILL EVER GET BETTER UNLESS WE FIGHT THE CRIMINALS BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY!


    • Salman
      May 7, 2012, 9:43 am

      “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal” (Henry Kissinger)

      Whoever dares to be friends with America sees a disastrous end.

      • revolutiontopeace
        December 5, 2014, 2:51 am

        Most people with two braincells or more to rub together are aware America is controlled by US, Inc. owned by London and their “Federal Reserve”. Like Israel, US Inc. and their PUPPETS like Bush, are blood relatives to the monarchy and are merely a ‘hand of the Queen’ who even controls/overrides congress.

  • David Evans
    May 6, 2012, 1:53 am  

    “But…But how am I responsible?”, will bleet the sheep, stupidly unable to connect the obvious dots, as if their selfish willful ignorance gives them excuse. Those who live in a republic are absolutely responsible, as their votes maintain the insufferable narcissistic psychopaths who sign the checks and the legislation that make aggressive wars on innocent people.

    • TwA
      November 19, 2014, 4:23 am

      LMAO! How can the people, who pick from a left appearing puppet or one right, who take turns with the bad guy baton, be held responsible? (Even the Yentagon is a puppet to UGLE London banksters playing the good guy roles!)

      The children and family of those who speak out are confiscated or “ground into powder” by the “Lions” of Judah (MASONS) in the police forces, “Tigers” of mind control victims who cause ‘accidents’ like head on collisions and suicides using ‘friends’ with split personalities, and finally the ‘Bears’ (Bear clan magicians) who can attack them/you quite insidiously with mind control, and demons or whatever the f*ck those black things that can invade/suck you down are. (CES devices seem to give them the boot!)

  • Kalki
    May 6, 2012, 1:58 am  

    Jews(yes, Jews) have been behind most of humanity’s greatest acts of evil. Jews are not a different species – it’s just ideology passed on from generation to generation from birth. Jews are the most brainwashed people on Earth. They are also the most dangerous – and most of them don’t even know it. It doesn’t absolve them of guilt though – we would have no prisons or ‘criminals’ if that were the case. People need to speak out. Especially Jews who are aware of their unfortunate dilemma of being born into the tribe. Jews must speak out, us Goyim must speak out – Judaism/Talmudism must be exposed to put to rest the Jewish imposed myth that ‘history repeats itself’. Without Jews and Jewishness history will not repeat itself and humans can grow for a change – FINALLY – after 2000+ years of Judaic filth and degeneracy. It’s just an ideology that has to be finished off/banned/exterminated – not people.

    • Salman
      May 7, 2012, 9:49 am

      Those who side with the Satan are ‘heartless’ and we can expect no good from them. The Jews should recognize such people from within their ranks (precisely speaking, I am referring to the Zionists) and join hands with the world to fight against them. Zionists are using the Jewish community like puppets. The Jews should realize this.

      • revolutiontopeace
        December 5, 2014, 2:56 am

        Some of them are blending with demons or whatever those suckers are that are so evil and IMHO to which the evil Jews are enslaved themselves!

        They’re like parasites and are layered into humans and then who knows what you’ll get, except EVIL!

    • Deborah
      June 14, 2012, 6:12 am

      Yes ma’am

  • Ahmad Bin Abdullah
    May 6, 2012, 2:19 am  

    Police and military who side with oppression bear full responsibility for the crimes they commit against their own populations. They should not claim later, after they have raped and murdered and pillaged, that they were merely following orders.

    • Salman
      May 7, 2012, 9:51 am

      Absolutely right, brother Ahmad. They should have the courage to say ‘no’ to ‘evil’ orders.

  • El Sid
    June 16, 2012, 9:52 am  

    Hullo Ken,

    Thought you might be interested in a documentary on some Spanish lads who went to Bagdad in 2003 as human shields:

    Very inspirational stuff you all did.

  • walid al sourani
    August 11, 2012, 5:46 pm  

    cant wait to read your next post

  • Kalki
    September 13, 2012, 8:34 pm  

    I posted those ugly pics of DU babies on FB years ago. Made a compilation. My friends got angry at ME instead – I have friends from all over the world(real friends, not internet friends). They thought I was sick to post such stuff. People all over the world regardless of where they are from have been hypnotized by Jewish(presently known as ‘Zionist’) media. Almost everyone has been conditioned to become ostrich-like slaves. But that doesn’t mean a thing at the end of the day. The truth always will prevail – even if it takes thousands of years and we aren’t alive to witness a change. All of us are from this earth and we aren’t going anywhere even after we die.

  • revolutiontopeace
    December 5, 2014, 2:53 am  

    Grand plan to acquire more land? An old plan it is, but as they say “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

    How does Israel get HAMAS to cooperate on the Qabalah ritual friendly numbers for dates and numbers kidnapped or killed? (Were the BBC follow up coverage similarly riddled with multiples of 3’s?)

    It’s symbolically similar to the Boston Bombing, it should be added, and it looks like Rik Clay may have been right about the UK getting whacked. (Here Sweden’s flag too is whacked.)

    Gaza Base Baal?
    1)”3 Jewish Boys Kidnapped”(9) on 6/12 (6)+(3)=(9)
    Murderers reportedly given an hour head start before police responded to call. (Foot-dragging is how police were found to aid various anointed crimes, and child abductions in the US.(Johny Gosch case.)

    2)3 Bodies are found 18(9) days later on 6/30 (6)+(3)=(9)

    o Starts after the midnight,’witching hour’, [when demons/ etc. are active], on 7/1/2014(6).
    o Name+Date(9)
    o 3 DAYS BEFORE 7/4/2014(9) MM+DD(11), American date of independence.

    That’s a pot full of 3s, multiples thereof and the obligatory “9/11”?

    What are the odds this is random?

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