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Road to Hope Kidnapping Statement of Events by Ken O’Keefe

Before my statement I feel compelled to clear up a misunderstanding about my role in the Road to Hope Convoy.  I am not an organizer nor an original leader of

Contact number for me in Greece

This is for media inquiries and important business only, please share with relevant people. Ken O’Keefe +30 698 2143361

Road to Hope Convoy Members Kidnapped

A new press release is being written regarding our being released from Greek custody but I submit this now as we were unable to while we unable to release two

Road to Hope Convoy Press Release – November 1, 2010

PRESS RELEASE 1 November 2010 Road to Hope (R2H) Convoy in Positive Dialogue with Egyptian Officials Access to Gaza via Egypt looking likely Arriving at the Libyan/Egyptian border on 26

Road to Hope convoy stalled at Egyptian border

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Road to Hope convoy stalled at Egyptian border The Road to Hope humanitarian aid convoy continues its role in the international community’s collective mission to break the

Truth Behind Blockade of Gaza – As Revealed by Israel

News Release – For immediate release – Thursday, October 21, 2010 Due to Gisha’s Freedom of Information Act Petition on Gaza Closure: Israel Reveals Documents related to the Gaza Closure

My mum interviewed by Salem News

A lovely story by Salem News in which my mother is interviewed. It is indeed the boundless, unconditional love that she gave to me that is responsible for any good

Bending toward justice – An interview with Ken O’Keefe

Gulf War vet Ken O’Keefe dives into Middle East relations from aboard Gaza flotilla

Article in Kansas State Collegian


The “Peace Talk” Farce in a Cartoon

The joke of the so-called "Peace Talks" encapsulated in a cartoon.

Off to the “Land of the Free”

Off to the “Land of the Free” Well after being denied the ability to board my flight to Portland nearly two weeks ago I am now set to depart for

Poor Israeli Commando

Poor Israeli Commando

Veto power is an insult to the international community

Kourosh Ziabari  interview of Ken O’Keefe Kenneth O’Keefe is a world citizen. As an anti-war activist and social entrepreneur, he renounced his U.S. citizenship on March 1, 2001 and burned

Sign & Spread Petition to Expose the BBC

Please sign and spread everywhere – Petition calling for Public Inquiry into BBC ‘Death in the Med’ programme – http://www.petitiononline.com/bbcbias1/petition.html

BBC’s Blatant Propaganda Exposed Big Time by Anthony Lawson

I am honoured to have contributed to Anthony Lawson’s new short doc. ‘BBC Bias: The Gaza Freedom Flotilla’, spread this far and wide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afBr10f38TI

Returning to America

I will be returning to America in the next 36 hours as a publically accused “terrorist operative”, according to the Israeli military that is.  It will be interesting to see

EU slams Palestinian’s conviction

When non-violent protest becomes impossible, what then? Israel imprisons and kills peaceful protestors continuously, this is but one example. EU slams Palestinian’s conviction –


This is very untypical writing for me, sort of a poem, but I was happy with it so I share it here. You are among the conscious minority who can

An Open Letter to BBC Panorama’s Jane Corbin

Aloha Jane, As you know Panorama aired ‘Death in the Med’ this week. Well Jane, I have been in the media game long enough to know that moral depravity and

Shark Bite

My first true love was the sea, as a child I lived for the weekends spent on the beach, “Boogie-boarding” and body-surfing. Eventually I learned to surf and many a