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  • Richard
    October 9, 2010, 6:51 am  

    Ken, I just saw you tonight in Portland, OR. Thank you sir, for a kick-ass, inspiring talk. (I was the vet who asked about Choamsky and 911). For a bit, I felt inadequate about the work that I do, but only for a bit. The work I’m doing is important, even if it’s not dramatic. I’m doing what I can right now, and you inspire me to do more.

    What I neglected to say when I shook your hand is that I agree completely about the Fed, and about 9/11. It literally made me sick when I started pulling aside the veils, and realized that the government I had sworn an oath to defend was at least complicit, and maybe directly responsible for 9/11.

    But enough of the facts are out there to make it undeniable to anyone willing to face the truth. You are right, Choamsky is wrong (at least on this issue, he remains a hero of mine even if he’s wrong here).

    Anyway, thank you again for a memorable and inspiring evening. I hope to meet you again, somewhere on the road to true peace, justice, and freedom for every person on the planet.

  • flash heart
    October 12, 2010, 10:20 am  

    I see you will be visiting a Mr Gilad Atzmon soon, how does an out of the closet racist sits with your love all people world view?
    Don’t forget to ask him about his latest articale this week where he claims anti semitic composer view that Jews were only capable of producing money-making music and not works of art is an an astute reading of the socio-economy of the show business.
    You need to ask yourself is associating the pro Palestinian movement with racists that do not even bother hiding their racism helping the cause or not.

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