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Never in modern day history has a presidential candidate with a real chance had as much integrity, intelligence and courage as Ron Paul. I renounced my US citizenship in shame for what America has become, but Ron Paul makes me proud once again. TJP


  • December 24, 2011, 3:07 am  

    Sir, As well as I am a German citizen as a die hard #RonPaul supporter since 2007 I really appreciate you since your HardTalk interview. Kudos Sir! Kudos! Fmpov your are living the motto: Live free or die. Or die trying. So I can’t explain, knowing some of your background, how great it felt to see an endorsement from you to Ron Paul for President 2012!
    Very warm regards

  • David Evans
    December 24, 2011, 3:34 am  

    I don’t care one wit what Ron Paul’s domestic agenda is, as that agenda will take care of itself as soon as the US Empire ceases warring all over our planet for our Zionist-controlled Congress and their owners. He definitely has my vote. Occupy needs to now bring focus on these scurrilous bastards who have, through decades of nefarious legislation, funded and otherwise supported murdrerous policies that have brought OUR world to the sorry state it is today.

    • December 24, 2011, 8:14 pm

      I feel your anger my brother. TJP

  • e
    December 24, 2011, 4:05 am  

    Ron Paul could be the bridge between the shameful murderous demon-crat and repulssivan strangulation of not just the US but all countries that their vile policies destroy.
    I have to laugh and cry at the same time when I keep hearing “nation-building” being tossed around by american congressional low-lifes that only know how to annihilate nations. Especially coming from the cavity in Bushʻs face where a mouth would normally be located.
    I got the chance to view more on Ron Paul thanks to all the additional videos following yours.
    I see the biggest obstacle being the rigged elections. And youʻre right, there needs to be a tidal wave.

  • December 24, 2011, 4:35 pm

    Washington, DC:
    203 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone Number: (202) 225-2831
    Lake Jackson, Texas:
    122 West Way, Suite 301
    Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    Phone Number: (979) 285-0231 Galveston, Texas:
    601 25th Street, Suite 216
    Galveston, TX 77550
    Phone Number: (409) 766-7013 Texas City, Texas:
    8419 Emmett Lowry Expressway
    Texas City, TX 77591
    Phone Number: (409) 935-2648 Victoria, Texas:
    1501 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 229
    Victoria, TX 77904
    Phone Number: (361) 576-1231

    Dear Mr RON PAUL

    I have never voted in my whole life and I was determined to never vote until my death. However, in the current situation of world affairs, I wish to inform you that if I were allowed to vote in the US “Elections”, I would not hesitate one second to vote for you hoping that you would keep your word (a kind of utopia) and put things right, which to my knowledge NOBODY has ever done and LIVED once he or she was elected to a high office!

    I do not wish to be pessimistic, but I feel I have to tell you that I am convinced that you cannot and will not become President of the Jewish-Zionist USA or if by some miracle you happen to be elected the Money-changers (Modern Zionists, Israelis, and Globalists) will murder you as they have done on so many occasions: Caesar, Jesus, Lincoln, Gandhi, JFK, RFK, Malcom X, MLK, Koestler, (Rabbin, Sharon), Bin Ladin, Saddam and thousands others, not mentioning the millions mass-murdered by the usurious International bankers and their armies of mercenaries.

    I ‘predicted’ the murder of Dodie Fayed and it happened. However, I am glad you are running for President (running to your fate!) and that both my Christian Brother Alex Jones and my Atheist Brother Daryl Bradford Smith support you. Despite what I said, I wish and pray you will become the next US President even if it has to be for 24 hours!

    Yours truly,

    Apartheid and Fascist State of the UK
    Saturday 17th of February 2007

    P.S. Since then, I have found RON PAUL making compromise with the Devil on at least two matters:

    1. Making compromise regarding homosexuals
    2. trying to appease the media and the current US totalitarian dictatorship by peddling their lies that Muslims carried out 9/11 despite all the damning evidence that Israel and the US themselves carried out 9/11

    Further, I found out how dishonest both Pr Noam Chomsky and Alex Jones were regarding the Jews and Apartheid Israel in general. More research will surely reveal that many are not what they claim to be.

    All politicians must be forced to sign a contract with the people making them accountable and when in breach of that contract be prosecuted by an especially set up People’s Court (not the Freemasonic mercantile ones!) and heavily fined or simply executed for high treason.

    Saturday 24th of December 2011

    • FloMoZo
      December 24, 2011, 7:36 pm

      I don’t want to argue with you, but only wish for you to research those statements (regarding Gays and Blacks) as they have been debunked, numerous times. The people who made those statements (in Ron Paul’s newsletter) have been named, and it’s proven it was not Ron Paul.
      Now, I live in Texas, and I have seen what these horrific elitists have tried to do to silence him. They tried to re-district him out of office, which is why there’s a break in his congressional time. The so-called dirt on Dr. Paul is nothing more than rumor and innuendo, and I wish you would actually research the man, rather than going by what the msm (zionists) say. What they have repeated far too often are lies, and even now, most of them have had to admit it.

      Other than that, I like your letter. I do hope, also,that nothing is done to harm Dr. Paul, should he actually garner the top-seat in American politics. I worry about it, a bit, since “they” have gotten away with this too many times. But, I’d rather see him as POTUS than anyone else in the running and anyone else I can think of.

      Ron Paul is not racist, and he is NOT anti-gay. He is a civil-libertarian, which means he believes in not counting people as members of any group. He also wants to bring power on all of these social issues back to the states, which also brings it closer to the people. There is not a thing wrong with that.

      • December 24, 2011, 8:17 pm

        Thank you for writing this Anne, clear and to the point. The man has incredible integrity, he will be targeted in many ways, but he is a moral and courageous man for sure.

      • FloMoZo
        December 25, 2011, 3:32 am

        Hey, Ken.
        Yes, being a Texan (even if a transplant, like Ron Paul), I have been watching him for decades. Nothing he has done, vote-wise, has been wrong. He’s a great man of conscience, which makes it difficult to see in in US Congress, with those smarmy folk. But, each time he has cast a vote, his vote went the way he had promised his constituents. Now, isn’t that a breath of fresh air?
        Some, esp online these days, are saying, “I would rather call him, Dr Paul, than Congressman/Representative Paul”, as they don’t want him included in that horrific pack!
        Another thing that makes me smile is that each and every lobbyist, when asked about Dr Paul, has said they don’t bother going to his office, as they already know his answer. it’s why they have taken to calling him, “Dr No”. I love that!

      • FloMoZo
        December 26, 2011, 7:43 am

        Okay, Ken. YOU inspired ME.
        I have finally made my own Ron Paul video. It’s not a great video, but the point is made. Here’s the link, should you care to watch:

        Thanks, again, for a completely right-on video! It’s in my faves, now.

        • December 27, 2011, 1:05 pm

          Aloha Anne,
          Right on, there are no rules in film making, this is your style to begin, it will evolve if you keep it up. I like the song and of course the message. And you have your own embroidery machine! What would it take to get a piece done with my TJP logo?

          • FloMoZo
            December 27, 2011, 2:49 pm

            Thanks Ken.
            Well, embroidery and emb-digitizing is what I do, so I could set-up your logo pretty easily (don’t know why I never thought to do it). I have loads of caps and tees and other things, like golf shirts, that I’d be willing to donate, but I’d have zero idea about how to go about shipping items overseas. We could get together on figuring that out.
            Do you have my email address? If so, just send me the logo in jpeg (or other plain picture format) and I’ll get ‘er done!
            VIdeo was very shaky because machine is big and vibrates a LOT. I (stupidly) used the youtube “stabilizer” and that brought that silly black box around all of it.
            oh well..

  • e
    December 24, 2011, 5:42 pm  

    Many more names to add with implications of the Bush family:
    Senator Paul Wellstone, who voted against the unlawful invasion of Iraq.
    John John Kennedy, who, after a ʻblipʻ on the radio that he was to run for President, and was most likely perceived as a sure threat to the George Bush ʻcandidacyʻ, was also murdered in a plane crash.
    Pat Tillman.
    More names:
    Dead scientists (incredibly high #s):
    And of course the ones we donʻt know about.

  • FloMoZo
    December 24, 2011, 7:12 pm  

    Thanks, Ken. I agree. America has also embarassed me for a LONG time, but even I find hope in Ron Paul. I thought it would simply be another worthless election season, but everything has changed.. (not Obama’s changiness or hopiness, but real change and real hope are on the line, now).
    If Americans don’t figure this out, and continue (instead) to allow the MSM and the lobbies to destroy this country’s liberty, we all wil suffer from it. I do hope Ron Paul will be elected, and if so, WILL use powers of nullification to stop so much that’ been started (like all of Obot’s wars) and wrong in the USA, for far too long.
    Something tells me he finally has a real chance.

  • Michael
    December 24, 2011, 7:24 pm  

    Thank you, Ken. I can honestly say that you are my brother.

    Those who are betrayed make the worst enemies; I was not betrayed in this way by politics; I saw it coming. I have very few heroes in my life (people like Thomas Paine, or Robert M. Bowman, or Ralph Nader – men of principle) and you, Mr. O’Keefe are one of them.

    • December 24, 2011, 8:13 pm

      Thank you my brother, it really is my blessing to have been able to do any good in this very twisted and unjust world. TJP

  • December 24, 2011, 8:04 pm  

    FloMoZo – December 24, 2011 at 7:12 pm
    I don’t want to argue with you, but only wish for you to research those statements (regarding Gays and Blacks) as they have been debunked, numerous times. The people who made those statements (in Ron Paul’s newsletter) have been named, and it’s proven it was not Ron Paul.”

    1. I do not approve of anonymous comments unless there is an excellent reason for it.
    2. I am not here to argue with anybody.
    3. I mentioned homosexuals and not “gays” and I did not mention “Blacks”.
    3. I have already researched them and listened to Ron Paul many times. If you (or anybody) have evidence to the countrary, I would like to see it.
    4. What about the statements I made about Muslims?
    5. I also saw flaws in Ron Paul’s position regarding Palestine. Like many “good-intentioned” Americans and others he is quite happy with the Jews stealing Palestine with Western, Russian, Chinese and the Churches’ complicity (including the Vatican) and keeping whatever has been stolen.

    I make no claims. The facts are there and truth stands by itself. As you have made the objection, I am relying on you to provide the evidence.



    • FloMoZo
      December 24, 2011, 9:02 pm

      Okay. I realised I had mis-read your statements.
      I know that Ron Paul is for individual liberty, for all, and that includes those of varying religions (or not), homosexual (same as gay), minorities or not, yet doesn’t put them in boxes. It is what Civil-Libertarianism is all about.

      I guess I don’t understand how you can support him when this is one of the main tenets of Paul’s belief systems. No, I am not gay (homosexual), or of “color”, or of religion, yet i feel it is my obligation, as an American, to protect and speak out for all Americans, whether i agree with their “lifestyle(s)”, or not. It is what makes America “great” (when we were great, anyway).

      Sorry for the mis-read. But, I don’t agree with your position being that you are anti any-difference (or so it seems). People are born one way, whether it’s of color or not, “straight” or “homosexual/gay”. People’s societal influences are what bring to them to their standings on religion. And, in this country, it’s a priveledge we enjoy. It is not a “right”, and what I like about Ron Paul (in part) is that he does not feel it is up to the federal government to legislate any of these so-called “issues”. TO me, thay are non-issues, anyway.

  • December 24, 2011, 10:23 pm  

    When I was a teenager, I read an American Classics illustrated at the back of which I saw a résumé about Abraham Lincoln and something about a government of the people, by the people and for the people. I heard also for the first time about democracy, but a my teachers were themselves ignorant, liars or impostors, they never told us the truth about anything except what the colonial government ordered them to say. They were, at least in the White European slave plantation where I was born, only puppets of the Colonialists.

    When at the age of 24 I went into teaching myself I started to find out gradually about the lies told to us by the public school system and about the totalitarian fascist dictatorship that was ruling over us, and about the incompetence of our own parents and even grand parents many of whom were survivors of the Hindustani Holocausts orchestrated by the White imperialists and colonialists with the direct participation of the Churches, both Protestant and Catholic.

    I decided never to vote in any western-style election and never to set foot in Arabia as long it will not be freed from foreign Jewish and Christian occupation, and I kept my word. It was Dr Kent Hovind (Florida) who for the very first time I heard agreeing with my definition of democracy and he clearly said that democracies always end up inevitably in dictatorships. He even called it DEMONCRACY! And he was damn right! In other words, it was plain mob rule.

    By definition America is not a democracy but a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC where the people have INALIENABLE GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS! These rights are not granted by humans. Americans are as stubbornly stupid as the masses of other countries. They have endlessly rigged elections and even a non American as President! When they do not like a leader, they simply assassinate him and it is business as usual as if nothing had happened. This can happen only in a totalitarian dictatorship.

    Yes, Kenneth is absolutely right. American democracy is a farce, the electoral system is a farce, electronic voting is a farce, but it suits a nation of buffoons and mass murderers.

    Saturday 24th of December 2011

    P.S. Regarding the Sodomite or homosexual phenomenon promoted by the Jewish Mafia, I would like whoever is promoting it here to learn about biology, physiology, pathology, and even “psychiatry” before writing nonsense! I am gay, but I am not homosexual!

  • December 24, 2011, 10:36 pm  

    I have had time to listen to only the first three minutes of the video clip.

    Kenneth does not surprise me at all as it is AS IF I WAS TALKING MYSELF! I agree 100% with him as this is exactly what I have been writing and saying ever since I was studying in the U.S.S.R. back in the sixties where I was campaigning against the Jewish Vietnam War.

    I was not a Communist lover or an American hater, but I realised quite young that I had deep inside me a soul aspiring for freedom and justice with love and compassion for all. Yet, on my way back home from Moscow, the British threw me in jail in January 1968 where I spent the night and was then deported to Paris the following morning.

    What was funny was that both the Brits and the Bolsheviks did not trust me at all. But, it became less funny when the KGB kidnapped my son (so I was told) at birth in September 1968 and I was not allowed back in the country until Garbatchyov sold out Russia to the International Jewish Mafia.


    • FloMoZo
      December 24, 2011, 10:50 pm

      Well, you may know, I am also against the Israeli Mafia (AIPAC) running our country.., destroying the US, from the inside-out. So, I appreciate what you’re saying. There are many things we agree on, but there are some social issues regarding which we’ll never agree.
      What I like about Ron Paul is that he does want to remove all powers regarding legislating such from the Feds, and give them back to the states. It really does give the people of each state more power (if we have any power left!).
      What Obama (puppet dictator, in my opinion) has done, just within the past weeks, has removed more of our guaranteed “rights”. I honestly hope this, a basic repealing of the 4th amendment— as well as possibly the fifth amendment, will be important enough to Americans that they will hear and vote Ron Paul.
      I know that our voting-system is rigged. It’s rigged by the Electoral College, and, has been proven rigged by the voting-machines. So, I don’t have a lot of hope, but what hopes I do have I am pinning onto the head and heart of Ron Paul. I truly wish it won’t be an exercise in futility, but cannot predict what we can do. Like Ken said, it will take a huge amount of votes for him (a landslide, if you will), and I think it can happen. But, first, Americans have to care again!

      Have a wonderful holiday, whichever holiday you celebrate.

      • December 25, 2011, 12:34 am

        Have a wonderful holiday, whichever holiday you celebrate.

        FloMoZo – December 24, 2011 at 10:50 pm

        Same to you and thanks, but it is impossible to have anything wonderful anymore under GOD’s sky because of the SATANIC EMPIRE known as US-ISRAEL!

        The NAZIS SS EMPIRE – National Security State (NSS) – is made up of Churches, Giant Multi National Corporations, MOSSAD, CIA, NSA, FBI, FEMA, White House, Pentagon, State Department, Joint Chief of Staff, CFR, Bildergergers, UNO, Trilateral Commission, World Council of Churches, World bank, International Monetary Fund, NATO, Freemasonic Lodges, ……

        The Empire with its 300 major military bases and 2000 minor ones all over the world has already carried out overt and covert bloody repressive military interventions and coups in most of the countries in the world after bleeding Europe and Russia by two Jewish World Wars, a French and Russian Revolution, separation of Church and State, and is now fully involved in extermination wars on Islam, Arabs and Muslims. Which of these countries have been spared the White European boots?

        Dominican Republic
        Iraq (many times)
        Balkans (Yugoslavia)
        Middle East
        Palestine (ongoing more than six decades)
        East Timor
        Western Sahara
        Central Asian Muslim Republics
        Fiji Island
        Afghanistan (many times)
        North Korea

        It did never really matter who were the American, Russian or European leaders!

        As soon as there is a breath of freedom, the Empire sends out its armies, secret agents and saboteurs to wreck and replace foreign governments, including democratically elected ones, and replace them by pro-capitalist repressive military regimes to manage on their (including Israel’s) behalf their resources, labour force, markets and enslave and control their population.

        They also hire DEATH SQUADS (MOSSAD, Special Forces, Blackwater-Xe …) to assassinate and terrorise the populations in order to prevent any liberation of the country.


        Sunday 25th of December 2011

        • FloMoZo
          December 25, 2011, 3:22 am

          Again, I completely agree. I am sickened by American soldiers being all over the world, and hurting and murdering those in MANY countries. I am also tired of us losing young men and women for lies and senseless propaganda-backed undeclared war. I don’t know why we still have people/bases in all of these countries (and is another reason I like what Ron Paul says– CLOSE THEM DOWN, bring our military home, where they can protect US).
          For instance, WHY are we on the front-lines in Korea? Truly? What’s the point of that? We are not doing any good, there, yet we stay? Why are we still in Germany, when they have what I can only describe as anti-anti-Jewish thought police? Is there a reason we need to stay in Germany for seventy years? It’s crazy.
          And, then, there are the countries we’ve basically stolen (Diego Garcia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii– I know, we call it a state, but was a sovereign nation, from what I comprehend.) What is wrong with the USA that we have this urge to rule the entire world? Has it done us any good? No, it has only incited hatred toward us, and it’s a deserved hatred, too.
          It’s another thing I like about Ron Paul. He comprehends the wrongs we have done and the why’s of the Anti-American sentiment all over the world. He understands that we must change this (all of it), and i actually think there are more people in Congress who would like to get out from under the thumb of AIPAC/Israel, too. They have simply been too scared, by the Zionist regime to say so. If we were to elect Ron Paul, I think that could change (again, there’s my hope).
          Most people in the USA have no idea how many wars we are currently involved in. I blame the MEE-Dia for that one. And, of course, I blame those who think things like tee-vee shows and video games are more important than what’s happening in our world. I don’t know what can be done to change that, but the excitement of the Ron Paul “Revolution” seems to be bringing-around a lot more of the kids than I had expected. Perhaps we are finally on the right path?
          But, we need a strong leader; one who will say, NO, to the Israeli lobbies, as well as to Israel, herself.

  • David Evans
    December 25, 2011, 8:58 am  

    “But, we need a strong leader; one who will say, NO, to the Israeli lobbies, as well as to Israel, herself.”

    leaderS; Plural; as it is Congress which signs the checks and pass pro-Zionist legislation. Current members are, except for a literal handful, OWNED by the Zionist lobby and their banking and business cartels.

    Electing a President is easy. Changing Congress is beyond the limited ability of the woefully ignorant US public. Even those in the fore of the Occupy movement haven’t a clue about anything that is discussed in this thread. It is up to us to educated them wherever we can engage with them. Time is running out.

    David Evans

    • FloMoZo
      December 25, 2011, 7:28 pm

      Yes, David. That (the need to replace quite a few, or change the minds and speak of some) is why I did bring up that I think Paul would have a positive influence on Congress. Will it be enough for us to pull our people away from AIPAC (as I like to call them, The Ape-Pac)? I don’t know. I can only hope.
      But, there have been many libertarian grumblings in Congress. There are certainly more people in office who do agree with Ron Paul (on MANY issues, but especially on foreign policy). I’ve watched the interviews, where these tools of the Establishment will say, “well, I agree with Ron Paul… but…”, and they then go on to name the reasons why.. “he can’t win”., or something just as ridiculous. But, I think that most recently, many of them would have had to imagine a Paul Presidency. Old Dr. No, as he is oft called in D.C., would veto anything illicit (against our constitution) that’s brought to him (and he would read ALL of it– the man actually reads what’s in these bills, which is why he always says, NO), If the Dems and Reps and Indies don’t finally come together under the leadership of Ron Paul, I don’t think they ever will.
      Contrary to that made-up (wishful) world, our congress has fought and bribed one-another for decades. It’s been the worse, in my opinion, since the eighties. If that can be made to change, we may actually get somewhere– positive!

      One thing I do know, for sure, is that the more they disparage those who support Ron Paul, the more people actually come to see the man for what he is and they move to his side. Once people do go with Ron Paul, it’s been a solid following; they don’t go back to anyone else. It’s how this Ron Paul Revolution has worked so well!

      • David Evans
        December 25, 2011, 11:09 pm

        Empty promises of personal gains guarantee incumbency. Congress members know that duplicity goes unpunished, as long as the electorate remains stupid. Changing a few members (realistically, the best that can be hoped for) will do little to change the course set by these players:

        For classic example of duplicity:

        “While corporations can’t directly donate money to candidates, their political action committees, officials, representatives and the immediate family members of the latter do. All members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction have received significant contributions from the defense sector since 2007, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. For the Republicans, donations from the industry to their campaign committees and their so-called leadership political action committees (used by politicians to help fund other candidates’ campaigns in order to gain influence in Congress) added up to $321,000. For the Democrats, the collective haul was more than $1 million.

        Murray’s individual take in defense industry donations since 2007 is greater than the combined total of the top four supercommittee Republican recipients.

        An analysis by AlterNet further found that more than one-third of Murray’s top 100 donors during the 2010 election cycle were defense contractors who collectively signed $57.5 billion worth of deals with the Pentagon last year.

        No member of the supercommittee, and no lawmaker in all of Washington, DC, received more donations from Boeing than Murray. Of the $3.2 million the defense giant dispersed to lawmakers in 2009-2010, the Washington Democrat received $85,860, a full $20,000 more than was donated to the next two largest congressional recipients of Boeing money combined, according to data from the Sunlight Foundation.”

      • David Evans
        December 25, 2011, 11:16 pm

        Murray sat as co-chair of the Senate Supercommittee which was tasked with finding ways to balance the hopeless US budget. Will she vote for defense cuts or social cuts? Duh.

        My point is, that nearly all of Congress needs to be uprooted and their Dem and Repug parties left to die of voter neglect, as the parties are the conduit through which the corruption and power flows. Unless this happens, there is no hope of changing anything substantial within the US/UK/Zionist empirial war machine.

        • FloMoZo
          December 26, 2011, 7:38 am

          David; While I do agree that most of (really, almost ALL of) Congress should be removed, and we should start over again, I also have to be realistic, or as realistic as possible. It’s not going to happen. Most Americans are dullards, and when they do vote, they base it on whatever newz-bites they are fed. They actually vote for the name that’s most “familiar” to them. Now, how CRAZY is that?
          Well, after years (for me, 36 years of voting) of this garbage being forced down the collective throats of the USA, many are not voting. Many simply abstain. It’s “normal” to hear, “Well, I am not political”, so that many of us who ARE “political” are quickly silenced. It’s a sad situation and i don’t know how much worse it has to be before people finally DO sit up and take real notice. You would think, considering all of the wars we ARE in, thanks to our real govt, the Ape-Pac, it was time most did care.

          I live in Texas. Bush (W) “ceded” the governor’s seat to the idiot-in-chief, Slick-Rick Perry. Nobody likes him. But, then again, most don’t pay him any attention, either. So, how many registered voters took it upon themselves to even SHOW UP to vote the last time? THIRTY PERCENT– and that’s just registered voters I am talking about. Many people don’t even bother with the registration! Voter apathy, as well as electoral exhaustion (we DO vote-in just about anyone with any power; all judges, medical examiners, Justices of the Peace, etc..) has played its’ part, and that may be all well and good, but it seems that the worst of the dirty politicos do show up, and they make our decisions for US.
          How I wish this would change this year (2012). maybe, just maybe, with the talk about the coming presidential race, more will care. Maybe, then, we won’t have in these seats people who don’t care about us? I don’t know any other answer, though i am also aware of voting “irregularities” within the “machine”. So, where do we go? DO we simply grumble and groan about it, while not using the one vote each is entitled to use? Or, do we simply leave the USA, as did Ken? That solution has become a real option, to me, and if things don’t get fixed (changed) soon, I think that’s probably what I will do, too. Surely, i understand the rationale behind such a move.


  • December 25, 2011, 10:54 am  

    FloMoZo – December 25, 2011 at 3:22 am
    “Perhaps we are finally on the right path?
    But, we need a strong leader; one who will say, NO, to the Israeli lobbies, as well as to Israel, herself.”

    This hope in the electoral process has always been proved disastrous and the wrong approach.

    The question here is not about agreeing or disagreeing. Either the facts we use to lead our everyday action are TRUE or not, verifiable or not. Most people I have known do not care about the truth at all. They are Zombies or sheep that are easily led to the slaughter.

    Well, I must say that all that you have written in that commentary I have personally verified to be true and that in this case we share as such the same feelings about those monsters and their evil doings. This is already a positive step.

    But, David Evans is right about the election of a leader. JFK was a leader and he did not last long! However the Congress is the Presidium Soviet of the USA and it will never lead the country anywhere where Israel does not want it to go. It is bought and paid for. Do you remember how they passed the illegal Federal Reserve Bank Act in 1913? This is when all our troubles started.

    We have an illegal organisation that carried out the assassination of JFK, RFK and JFK Junior, and we let them exist and continue to control US domestic and foreign policies by buying off politicians and judges, blackmailing and bribing them at will – the American Zionist Council re-baptised AIPAC. This has to go. Both the Federal Reserve and AIPAC have to go at the same time. But, they are just tentacles of a big Octopus and without hitting where it will hurt, nothing positive for the people will ever be achieved.


    But, if we (not only a few of us!) really want to get it back, it is only through a TOTAL ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL BOYCOTT. No more money for Apartheid Israel! This will be THE REVOLUTION and it will produce positive results within 24 hours.

    But, we must be prepared for armed resistance and huge sacrifices because as soon as the BOYCOTT will start THEY will hit back very hard and the FEMA Camps will open their gates!

    All other hopes are vain.

    Thanks and GOD bless you all.
    Sunday 25th of December 2011

    • David Evans
      December 25, 2011, 11:29 am

      Thousands of disenfranchised people will take to the streets in support of the Occupy movement, but millions will not, at least in the soft and cowardly US. But millions WILL stay home in support of a massive General Strike if they are encouraged. Even a week-long strike with only 20% participation, a strike in which people stayed in their homes, refused to work, shop or buy fuel, would back tankers, pipelines and container ships up all over the planet. A two-week strike would deal a crippling blow to the oligarchs and their business cartels, and there would be no need for FEMA camps. Millions cannot be arrested for simply staying home.

      The rigged Dem vs Repub political charade that gives only the illusion of choice and democratic vote needs to be destroyed, but that isn’t likely to happen soon enough, given our increasingly volatile world. A massive strike would at least be a rallying platform from which to educate people.

    • FloMoZo
      December 25, 2011, 7:39 pm

      You know, Ron Paul has been compared to JFK, a great president, for different reasons. Tne one likeness I’d like to avoid is the possible short tenure of Paul, as we went through with Kennedy (the great hope to restore America).
      Have you ever watched or listened to videos or other interviews with Cynthia McKinney (former Congresswoman who exposed what the Israel lobby has done to American politics from within)? SHE is a brave, and caring, woman. When she verified what we all knew was probably going on, my jaw dropped. I actually worried for the woman (still do), that “they” don’t like being tattled on. I still worry, to this day, but someone has to tell the truth.

      I guess what I am saying is: I don’t have all of the answers to fix all of what ails congress and, by extension, America, but I think voting-in Ron Paul is a GREAT start. Yes, the likelihood of him being, “Kennedy’d” is a real one. I know that Dr. Paul has considered that, but one must press on. We just cannot allow a foreign country to rule our government (as we have) from the inside-out. But, we have. Now, it’s time for real change.
      Again, I am not sure of what all that change will entail, but I do know a few things Ron Paul could do as POTUS, and I mean immediately: HE can use the powers of nullification, as given to the president, to change things BACK to being constitutional. He can end these wars– easily and quickly- and i do not mean only the war in Afghanistan (and the supposed ended-war in Iraq.. If anyone believes that war is OVER, I have a billion-dollar bridge to sell him). He can bring our troops home from all foreign lands. It would be under his power to do this. And, the most important part is, I truly believe he would do this.

      Have as good a day as you can. Stand outside with a Ron Paul sign (or tee-shirt) if you’ve nothing better to do, and wish others a happy holiday. You never know how much better it will make you feel!
      take care.

  • e
    December 25, 2011, 5:41 pm  

    Since Obama was elected and his election had incredibly strong numbers otherwise it would not have happened, I wonder how the electronic voting machines are being re-adapted to account for this kind of phenomenon [landslides].

    • FloMoZo
      December 26, 2011, 7:46 am

      Oh, I am sure they are being “fixed”.

      Some have surmised, a vote for Ron Paul will count as.. a vote for (?) Romney.., or even Rick Perry. Talk about one guy who can easily be bought; Rick Perry!
      I don’t even want to imagine that one..

      take care.

  • e
    December 25, 2011, 5:55 pm  

    Some good news for now.
    This may be the answer:

    • David Evans
      December 25, 2011, 10:54 pm

      This will never fly, as it is incorruptible. 🙁

  • e
    December 25, 2011, 11:17 pm  

    Good point.
    Amazing that even after the hacker hired by Bush to do this came clean in front of Congress that there is no outrage and complete ban of the machines.

  • David Evans
    December 27, 2011, 2:01 am  

    Great video, Anne. Shared on facebook.

    • FloMoZo
      December 27, 2011, 2:57 pm

      Aww, thank you, David.
      I don’t even do the facebook stuff (much to the chagrin of my son), so I appreciate that!

      • David Evans
        December 28, 2011, 1:55 am

        Hi Anne,

        I and millions of others use facebook only for receiving and disseminating news and information otherwise not generally available in corporate-corrupted media. It is a good outreach tool that one can use to pester friends and relatives who would rather remain selfishly blissful and ignorant with. Please listen to your son. 🙂
        Facebook is a valuable activist resource. I’m aware that it is mined by nefarious entities, but fuck them.


        • FloMoZo
          December 28, 2011, 2:42 am

          Yeah, David. My son tells me how wonderful it is, all of the time. But, my boy has never been stalked and threatened by those who like to say they are “JIDF”. I have. They like to phone me, usually in the middle of the night, to warn that I had better “not talk about our (their) people”! It has me not looking to show my face more than I already have. It does not prevent me from speaking up, but I do cover my rear-end a bit more, now, than I ever did.
          I may decide to make-up a channel (or page?), at some point. Right now, with all of the stealing and re-posting of my face and my words, by Zionist GOONS, I think I’ll just stick with the toob.. and even that, rarely.
          Still, I appreciate the advice!

  • David Evans
    December 28, 2011, 7:46 am  

    I understand, Anne. Whatever works. It’s a collective effort. Thanks for what you do.

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