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Egypt Blocking Yet Another Humanitarian Aid Convoy to Gaza

29.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   2 Comments

Right now the Asian Convoy to Gaza is having the same problems with the Egyptian government that virtually every convoy has, including the Road to Hope Convoy (R2H). The corruption

TJP Liberty Report Gaza – 2nd Anniversary Cast Lead – Ken O’Keefe Dec. 27, 2010

27.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   1 Comment

TJP Liberty Report Gaza – Collecting Rocks & Getting Shot by the Israeli’s for Fun

20.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   No comments

Since March 2010 Israel has shot 97 Palestinians who were collecting rocks or tending to their crops. In the last three weeks 22 Palestinians have been shot. What makes this

The little town of Bethlehem

16.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   9 Comments

Says it all.

TJP Liberty Report from Gaza ‘Life in Jabalya’

14.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   4 Comments

My latest video report from Gaza.

BBC Panorama ‘Death in the Med’ is 100% Zionist Propaganda

12.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   11 Comments

This is a letter from Ted (from Liverpool) who pretty much dismantles BBC; please share. Aloha Ted, An absolute joy to read.  I will be spreading this enthusiastically and look

TJP Liberty Report from Gaza ‘Story of Areej’

12.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   7 Comments

Throughout my time in Palestine I am constantly reminded of how I would feel as a parent to endure not being able to provide all that a child needs.  Whether

‘Why I am not writing on Palestine Think Tank anymore’

9.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   5 Comments

Through the fog of deception – By Nahida ‘Why I am not writing on Palestine Think Tank anymore’ PeaceMonger asked “…Nahida, what happened to your article from last year on

The Strategy of Recognizing Our Enemies, or Why We Enjoy Being the Most Despised and Reviled Conservation Organization in the World. An Essay by Captain Paul Watson

7.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   3 Comments

The second category of enemies are those who on the surface would appear to be allies – our esteemed fellow conservationists. Unfortunately, Sea Shepherd is the “Lady of the Night” of the conservation movement. Many of our allies do agree with our objectives in the daytime but they don’t want to be associated with our methods at night. Fortunately we believe that the strength of the conservation movement lies in diversity of approaches, and we welcome the approaches of the groups that do not tolerate our methods. The plain fact of the matter is that Sea Shepherd does not exist to appease the concerns of other organizations. We exist to intervene to protect endangered species and habitats. We treat this category of criticism with both amusement and tolerance.

TJP Liberty Report from Gaza – Ken O’Keefe Dec. 5, 2010

5.12.2010   Ken O'Keefe   Blog   4 Comments

Virtually unreported by the western propaganda machine is the almost daily shootings of Palestinians in the so-called “buffer zone”. This land happens to be the best agricultural land in Gaza